Hi! My name’s Angela Hughes and I make mixed media art that is sort of collage but mostly made of things I’ve drawn, made, photographed, or collected. After completing a Doctorate in Visual Arts at Griffith University, I moved to Melbourne in 2016. I tried to complete a masters of art conservation at Melbourne Uni (cos jobs), but covid made that just a bundle of monkeys, so I left early with an advanced certificate. I spent a lot of time facilitating exhibitions and working in/volunteering at galleries around the place, but mostly I just make art and spend time with the animals, plants, and people that I love. It’s been pretty swell.

In my practice I use a process called seriality that basically means many, many small artworks that sit together to make a greater work. This process means that viewers take longer to read and see the work, and leave feeling a stronger connection to it. It’s like binge watching a tv show as opposed to watching a movie. There is a greater chance to care about what you’re seeing. My conceptual interests definitely ebb and flow, but I always come back to confession and animals. I feel like most art is self-referential, and it’s a great feat to be able to relate to people emotionally through art. By using sentimentalism, humour, and narrative, I try (so hard) to develop a relationship with the lovely strangers that look at my work. I also really, really, love animals. How good are animals? We should be nice to them!

PS: Writing about yourself in third person is straight up weird. So I did not do that.



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- 2022 Counihan Summer Show, Counihan Gallery, Brunswick, Melbourne.
- 2022 Arbitrary Reference, Post Gallery, Brunswick West, Melbourne.
- 2022 Filling Space, solo, Post Gallery, Brunswick West, Melbourne.
- 2022 Skullduggery, Murky Waters Studio, Townsville.
- 2022 Red Things, Post Gallery, Brunswick West, Melbourne.
- 2022 Small Works, Alternating Current, Windsor, Melbourne.
- 2022 Adaptive Radiation, solo, Schoolhoust Studios, Coburg, Melbourne.
- 2022 Festival of Surrealism 5, Mechanics Hall, Brunswick, Melbourne.
- 2020 Counihan Summer Show, Counihan Gallery, Brunswick, Melbourne.
- 2019 The Seventh Noir 2, solo, Edinburgh Castle Window, Brunswick, Melbourne.
- 2018 The Confessional Animal, solo, Black Cat Gallery, Collingwood, Melbourne.
- 2016 Space Junk Alert, Woolloongabba Art Gallery, Brisbane.
- 2016 The Extinction of Animals, Poly Gone Cowboy, Brisbane.
- 2015 Third Birthday Celebration, Australian Cultural Library, Toowoomba.
- 2014 The Holocene Winter, solo, Jugglers Artspace, Brisbane.
- 2014 Hey Ho/Lets Go, Poly Gone Cowboy, Brisbane.
- 2013 Box Monthly, curated, The Box, Brisbane.
- 2012 2high Festival, Brisbane Powerhouse, Brisbane.
- 2012 The Word Conterminous 3, Bleeding Heart Gallery, Brisbane.
- 2012 The Word Conterminous 2, Jugglers Artspace, Brisbane.
- 2011 The Word Conterminous 1, Jugglers Artspace, Brisbane.
- 2011 Stick Em Up: Critters, Triple Zed, Brisbane.
- 2011 Animals, Peopleā€¦ a Shared Environment, Pop Gallery, Brisbane.
- 2011 In Remembrance of Animals, solo, Pop Gallery, Brisbane.
- 2011 Stepping Up, Pop Gallery, Brisbane.
- 2011 Pigs and Reindeer and a lot of Wasted Youth, solo, Umbrella Studio, Townsville.
- 2010 X Show, Jugglers Artspace, Brisbane.
- 2010 Baklavic Nevakov & the Contextual Confusion, solo, Jugglers Artspace, Brisbane.
- 2010 Eviscerating Tiere, solo, Whitebox Project Space, QCA, Brisbane.
- 2009 Untitled, solo, Ziegelhuette Darmstadt, Darmstadt, Germany.
- 2009 Now & Then, Q150 Exhibition, Umbrella Studio, Townsville.
- 2009 Tales of the Uncanny, Artspaced, Townsville.
- 2008 Art Sex Propaganda, The Art Space, Townsville.
- 2008 The Last Tree on Google, solo, Gallery 48, Townsville.
- 2008 The Ampersand Heretic, A Little White Space, Townsville.
- 2007 The Seventh Noir, solo, Ellen Quinn Gallery, Ipswich.
- 2007 The Seventh Noir, solo, Umbrella Studio, Townsville.
- 2007 Urban Legends, The Art Space, Townsville.
- 2007 Pony in the Post Office, A Little White Space, Townsville.
- 2006 Open Ended, Perc Tucker Regional Gallery, Townsville.
- 2006 Faux Jugend, Umbrella Studio, Townsville.
- 2006 Forward, Perc Tucker Regional Gallery, Townsville.
- 2006 Cardboard Cutout Clouds, Vincent Gallery, Townsville.